Our aim is to improve the sustainability of your supply chain, reducing risk every step of the way. Our work covers the entire supply chain from quantification, procurement, to last-mile logistics, to capacity building and training

Supply Chain Management

We assist our clients in mapping and managing their supply chain, ensuring we work with them to develop a strategic sourcing approach, rationalising the supply base, developing long-term agreements and investigating emerging sources of supply.


Our support ensures that we assist you in delivering to the last mile, even in the most challenging and remote environments. We mentor you across the entire supply chain process including expediting, inspection, consolidation, transport, warehousing, insurance and clearance

Business Development

We drive business development through due diligence of the market, preparation of tender responses, analysis of marketing activities and management of client relationships pre and post contract award.

Due Diligence

We identify political risks that could affect your organisations supply chain. We assess the vulnerability of your investment and forecast and adapt business strategy to any political and regulatory change. 

Political Analysis

We monitor and analyse political and regulatory change that may impact your investment.

Policy Research

We have years of expertise in writing public policy in the UK and have assisted in developing public policy in emerging markets

Strategy Research

We study investment themes to anticipate new opportunities in rapidly emerging markets. We put together a thorough business case to support your strategic investment vision.

Small Business and large business owner development

From small hold farmers to working with those in the informal economy to formalise their business, to large conglomerates we work with all in order to help their aim of building capacity and improving their returns on investment 

Training and Development

Sasare consultants wealth of expertise in their fields and first hand local knowledge of markets in this region provides an opportunity for us to offer our expertise in developing bespoke training and educational programmes to cater to your localised specialisms. We offer both classroom based or on the job bespoke training to ensure that you experience the best possible requirements for your training needs. We undertake a procedure of gap analysis mapping to find out where your organisations expertise can be improved and furthered.