Sasare is a consultancy comprising of a team of experts in Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management,  Risk Management and Economics.

Our mission is to deliver high quality consultation to organisations across sub-Saharan Africa.

We focus primarily on this region and work with highly qualified consultants who have significant experience in the varying markets in this region.

Our Associates have developed a wealth of knowledge through years of experience in their relevant fields.

Our speciality is in advising on areas where Procurement, Supply Chains, Logistics, Economics and Risk overlap which enables us to drive business development through from effective due diligence to assessing the risks of regulatory changes. Our expertise ensures that any project is thoroughly understood and that the supply chain is well managed to contribute successfully in improving our clients’ bottom-line performance.

We aim to reduce total cost of procured goods and services, therefore improving supply chain models and reducing risk exposure. We solve your business challenges from source to contract, from governmental level to grassroots, delivering value in your supply and value chain. 

Our work covers the entire supply chain from quantification, procurement, to last-mile logistics and driving sustainability through capacity building and training, identifying macro and micro risks and mitigating against them every step of the way.

We work to implement innovative & disruptive supply chain trends, to meet tomorrows demands

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